Formens factory

Formens is our close partner that handles the production side of Suitify MTM. Their story started 21 years ago, in 1999, when 2 engineers with a background in textiles, founded Formens. The production lines were assembled in the North-East of Romania, near the borders with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, in a strategic hub recognized for the quality of its workers and the know-how of its technicians. Over the years, the combination between our French and Romanian know-how turned us into the leaders of the suit industry in France. Following its French Heritage, Formens Group produces 1 million suits each year in its 4 factories and exports them in 33 countries. Aside from suits, we're also crafting top of the line jackets, coats, shirts and trousers for the male fashion industry.
Our approach

Results oriented

On the made-to-measure market, we deploy fused, half canvas, full canvas constructed suits as well as M2M shirts. Formens acquired the leading position for made-to-measure suits in several countries in Europe, including France. In 2019, from a need and a desire to revolutionize the fashion industry in terms of taking accurate measurements, the AIT Tailored Technology SRL, a fashion technology company, was founded. Its products FitAp MadeToMeasure and FitAp SizeReveal are meant to reform the way fashion retailers approach the M2M and ready to wear markets by giving them valuable tools to deliver tailored e-commerce experiences, reduce risk and loss, increase conversion rates and cut returns and create a strong brand image.