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We create a revolution in the made-to-measure industry.

Developed by qualified professionals from the fashion industry - for professionals in the fashion industry

Scaling the men's MTM industry is a complete solution for the MTM - made to measure fashion industry. It combines image recognition, machine learning and computer vision in one seamless tool, providing near perfect fit results in just one measurement session that make life easier.

FitAp MadeToMeasure

We're here to help you simplify your work and focus on what's really important - your clients' well-being.
FitAp is unique MTM solution that combines AI, Computer Vision, 3D body scanning and Pattern Making into one tool for MTM services

Great solutions

Meet AI technology

Our 2-part solution takes the weight off your shoulders by incorporating the key elements needed in delivering a unique and highly personalised made-to-measure service

MTM Made Simple

Reliable software for accurate measurements based on each person's body shape.


Remote measurement

High quality made-to-measure suits, jackets, shirts and trousers for the male fashion industry.


Next level accurate sizing based on body shape.

The AI-powered size recommendation platform that analyzes individual body shape data and can easily be integrated into e-commerce online stores.

Provide a tailored e-Commerce experience.


Save costs and optimize selling for your business.


Increase conversion rate and cut returns.


Get valuable data intuition on consumer fit preferences.

Only two photos (front and side) will do the trick. No other body shape information required.

Shoppers need to take/ upload two photos, then they get the appropriate size measurements based on the shape of their body and the garments that fit.

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